About The Bond Program

In 2014 votes of Port Arthur approved and passed a $195M bond program for Port Arthur Independent School District. The program is designed to eliminate all classrooms being held in temporary or portable buildings on PAISD campuses and provide security improvements throughout the district to further protect the safety of our children.

The program is also designed to provide a site for the district’s at-risk students and students that need to be separated from other students due to behavior, attendance, etc. Provide technology infrastructure upgrades to buildings throughout the district to promote efficiency and greater opportunities for our students. Provide upgrades to buildings throughout the district to make the buildings more energy efficient and help to lower maintenance costs.

Build a new 9th Grade Center which will be located closer to Memorial High School enabling 9th graders to be better integrated into the high school and student activities and programs. Improve and enhance existing facilities and buildings in the district to further promote utilization, safety, efficiency and enhanced educational programs, career training and extracurricular activities.

Upgrade the district’s school transportation system to ensure the safety of students while being transported to and from school and associated events; i.e. sports, band competition, plays, etc.

The bond would pay for 3 new schools, renovations, repairs, and/or additions to over 11 campuses and facilities, district wide technology infrastructure improvements, bus purchases, new maintenance, warehouse, and transportation complex, and campus security improvements.

The district has selected Skanska USA and Principle Partnering Group (PPG) as its program manager for a majority of the bond work. Skanska is one of the largest, most financially-sound construction and development companies in the world and has worked with over 30 school districts in Texas over the past 20 years. The Principle Partnering Group, LLC, is an award-winning program management consulting and contract compliance firm that has successfully and skillfully managed $3 billion in client projects.