Local, Minority & Women Business Vendor Program

Dear Business Owners and Managers:

We have received very good responses on our requests for Contractor Information for the PAISD Local, Minority and Women Business Program. However, several firms have not yet responded. We will be advertising bids for contractor opportunities in the very near future.

We still have not received a response from you about adding your company to the Port Arthur Independent School District’s vendor database. Completing this form is easy and should take no more than 5 minutes of your time. So, please take a few minutes, click on the link below, and update your contact information.

We need your update so that you can be notified of contract opportunities with the Port Arthur Independent School District and to keep you informed about the various construction and procurement opportunities available in the PAISD $195,000,000 Bond Program Package. We also thank all of you that have already completed the form and will keep in contact with you.

To complete the form, please click the link below:

PAISD Vendor Data Base

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to doing business with you.

Client Activity – No additional client activity occured in February because no bids were let this month.
PAISD L/M/W Vendor Program – Activity Metrics
Period: December 2016 – January 31, 2017

SSP Consulting, L.C. has been retained by the Port Arthur Independent School District to implement a program to assist in identifying qualified local, minority and women- owned firms (L/M/W), to participate in the new Port Arthur ISD 2014 Bond Program. The program will assist these firms in prepar-ing competitive contracts, bids and assistance in securing bid, performance and payment bonds.

The immediate and long-term objective of our program is to increase and improve the overall participation rate of local, minority and women-owned firms doing business with the PAISD Bond Program. The L/M/W will have two primary components:

  • Construction Contractors Assistance Program
  • Surety Support Program

The Construction Contractors Assistance Program (CCAP) Scope of Services will include, but not limited to the following:

  • Community Outreach
  • Identification of Local, Minority and Women-Owned Firms
  • Coordination of Prime and Sub-Contractor Mixers
  • Develop a Bid Opportunity Matrix
  • Bonding and Surety Support Program (SSP)

This proposal is comprised of four interwoven components to advance current local, minority and woman-owned business support:

The Surety Support Program (SSP) Scope of Service will include, but not limited to the following: 

SSP Consulting will assist the PAISD in supporting and de-veloping an innovative program to enhance opportunities for L/M/WBEs to compete for PAISD-assisted projects and other public and private sector contracts. SSPC’s goal is to pro-vide L/M/WBE vendors with technical support in the areas of:

  • bonding
  • insurance
  • financing
  • accounting

The following is a functional description and flow chart of SSPC’s technical and management approach to providing Surety Support Services and the internal measures used to guarantee that L/M/WBEs are able to take advantage of the firm’s services.

Workshops and Seminars: 

In order to help our clients be-come prepared for upcoming PAISD projects, we would conduct workshops and seminars. These PAISD and help them become bondable and project ready. The workshop and seminar topics can include discussions on:

  • How To Do Business With the PAISD
  • How To Obtain a Bid and Performance Bond
  • How to Negotiate With Prime Contractors
  • How to Prepare Competitive Bids and Estimates